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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are made from power packed plants. All parts of the plant. Through steam distillation, cold press or resin tapping are bottled up to be delivered!

Within 22 seconds of applying them to our bodies the oils molecules have reached our veins. 

Within 2 minutes the molecules can be found in our bloodstream. 

Within 20 minutes those same molecules have encountered every cell in our body! 

how to use essential oils?

1. Topically

Apply to your skin

2. Diffuser

Put these beauties in the air

3. Internally

Mix with drinks, cook with, or add to capsules. Be sure to use the vitality line for internal use!

Why Young Living?


Young living did oils before oils were cool. Gary Young originated Young Living and dedicated his life to pioneering the way in the quality and science of essential oils. I appreciate Young Living for their transparency in everything they do. They own all of their farms and distilleries and welcome you to tour, and understand the process in creating essential oils. Check out their Seed To Seal guarantee to learn more! 


getting started

The best place to get started is a kit...then you can buy wholesale as a member.

step 1: choose your kit. 

step 2: click "YES" to  Essential Rewards! 

step 3: check in with me for my favorite products!

step 4: set up your Essential Rewards Order!

step 5: click "NEXT"!

step 6: fill out your info: name, shipping, etc. 

step 7: happy dance and wait for that pretty box!

step 8: start planning next month's order!!

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